DIY Lip Scrub & Lip Balm

So, here is my first blog post! After seeing the price in my local area of how much it is to buy a lip scrub (some places it’s been £2.99, others it has been nearer to £5!), I decided that I would venture into the world of DIY beauty products,  and have a go at making my own scrub, which would be a fraction of the cost of buying one!

I’ve included the measurements that I worked with, although you may want to use less coconut oil if you prefer a scrub that has more of a ‘thick’ consistency than a ‘solid’ one!

DIY LIP SCRUB – fills one travel size pot
 needed for scrub/balm
You will need
– travel pot
– 1 teaspoon coconut oil
– 1/2 teaspoon granulated sugar
– 1/4 teaspoon oil/flavouring (optional, but can help to mask coconut oil smell)
– small teaspoon/cocktail stick for mixing
– food colouring (optional, but you may want a coloured scrub)

First, measure out the sugar. Doing it first means that you won’t be getting bits of coconut oil left in your sugar. I put out small amount of sugar into a shallow dish, so I could add more if I needed to. Next at the coconut oil. You may want to add slightly more or slightly less than I have suggested, as it may be a consistency that is too thick for you. Next time, I think I might add slightly less coconut oil. Stir the mixture together at this point, as you can test the mixture to see if you want a scrub that is more abrasive. For me, the coconut oil was still quite solid when I started to mix it together, despite being sat in a warmer room for a little while. As you start to stir the mixture, it becomes more pliable, and easier to work with!

sugar/oil add

Once the mixture is a melted ice cream consistency, add your chosen flavouring or essential oil and any colour you fancy. I bought measuring spoons to do this, so I could add small increments. I started by adding 1/8 of a teaspoon of spearmint flavouring, but added more as I like the smell of mint and wanted to mask the coconut smell a bit more. Once you have added some, make sure to stir it thoroughly, so the scent or colour is dispersed well throughout the product. If you want to add more of either, then you can do so at this point.
You can then scoop the mixture into a travel pot. It is easier to put it in using small dollops instead of just putting the mixture in in one go, as you can make sure there are no air bubbles and fill the pot easily. I then put the product in the fridge to set overnight, just to make sure that the product was set.
To make the product for the photos, I have also made a trial batch using any empty lip balm casing. This was due to the scrub I created being quite solid, so I thought it will hold well in the casing. I will update you once the product has set to tell you how it has gone.


The process of making the lip balm wasn’t much different. I followed the exact same steps and measured, but removed the sugar from the recipe.

Don’t forget to clean up all of your equipment after. Due to the oil, they get quite greasy, so you may want to do this either in your kitchen or bathroom. I’d suggest putting down some kitchen paper too, it makes clean up even easier, and will protect work surfaces or tables in case you spill any flavouring, colour or oil!

Personally, I was quite surprised with how well this scrub worked. Despite mentioning it being relatively solid to touch, once you rubbed your finger onto it, the product melted very quickly and you still had sugar particles to rub onto your lips! I would suggest using this scrub either at night before you wash your face, or in the morning before a shower. The product does leave both your hands and mouth area quite oily, which isn’t that attractive during the day! 🙂
Hopefully you have enjoyed this short DIY, and will find it useful to try in the future. If you have made lip balm or lip scrub in a different way, how about sharing your ideas down below!

Hannah 🙂

Below are links for where you can find the products that I have used in the photographs
Measuring cups & spoons
Spearmint flavouring
Vanilla flavouring
Travel pot
– Coconut oil was purchased from a market in Leicester

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